3 Reasons You Need Concrete Cutting Services

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3 Reasons You Need Concrete Cutting Services

9 August 2023
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Concrete cutting services can help you with multiple projects around the home. Consider these common needs to see if concrete cutting is something that would benefit you.

1. Drainage

Drainage cuts are typically made in either the walls or the foundation, depending on the project.

Pipe Pass-Throughs

Whether you need to relocate a fixture such as a sink or access a water main beneath the foundation for a repair, concrete cutting is necessary. Your technicians can make clean cuts. They will grind the edges smooth for a finished look for things like a pipe pass-through or patch the hole after the repair is made beneath the concrete.

Foundation Trenching

Flooding over part of a foundation can be a major concern, as it can cause internal water damage in the home. If water is collecting in one area of the foundation, then it may be necessary to cut a trench in the concrete that will allow the water to drain.

2. Renovations

Concrete doesn't have to get in the way of your home renovation plans. A few cuts can keep your project on track.

Wall Openings

In homes with concrete walls, it can be a challenge if you want to put in a new window, widen a doorway, or tear down a wall for an expansion. Concrete cutting, along with grinding and smoothing, will be necessary.

Electrical Expansions

Running new electrical lines or gaining access to the existing ones for an upgrade may require passing through one of the concrete walls in your home. Much like plumbing pass-throughs, a core can be cut from the wall so that conduit can be run through.

3. Repairs

Concrete damage can seem like a major problem, but repairs are often possible with the right technique.

Structure Removal

Damaged or out-of-date concrete structures must be cut free and sometimes demolished into smaller pieces. Concrete cutting, as opposed to using a sledgehammer, allows more delicate work that reduces collateral damage and minimises the amount of concrete dust in the air. Examples of structures that may need to be removed include porches and old steps.

Paving Prep

Old concrete patios and floors can develop cracks over time, which look bad and increase the chances of further damage. Your concrete cutting service can cut off and grind the top layer of the damaged paving so that fresh concrete can be poured over the surface. The result is the look of new concrete without the expense and extensive construction.

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