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Hello, my name is Danny and this is my new blog. I live in Sydney, Australia in my dream property. When I bought this house, it wasn't my dream at all but I could see that the place had potential. When I first saw the place, I knew it had potential but it was a little small. I bought it and decided to extend the kitchen and dining room out into the yard. I am not a construction professional so I had no idea how to do this. Thankfully, my friend recommended a fantastic contractor who helped me plan the work and then completed the work in super quick time. I learnt a lot so I would like to share it here.


Turning a Carport Into a Shady Play Area for Kids: Tips and Ideas

28 September 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you've decided to put in a carport to create a sunny place for your kids to play, you may want to keep a few special tips in mind. Wondering how your design should differ from a standard carport? Here are some issues to consider: 1. Create soft flooring. In many cases, carports are placed over slabs of concrete. If you are modifying an existing carport to turn it into a kids' play area, you can put some foam mats on the concrete to provide a bit of cushion underfoot. Read More …