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Hello, my name is Danny and this is my new blog. I live in Sydney, Australia in my dream property. When I bought this house, it wasn't my dream at all but I could see that the place had potential. When I first saw the place, I knew it had potential but it was a little small. I bought it and decided to extend the kitchen and dining room out into the yard. I am not a construction professional so I had no idea how to do this. Thankfully, my friend recommended a fantastic contractor who helped me plan the work and then completed the work in super quick time. I learnt a lot so I would like to share it here.


Benefits of Using a Professional Home Excavation Service

16 December 2019
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Home excavation is important for most residential constructions which may include any electrical installation, a new house, a pool, garage, or any other structure to be housed on residential property. The home excavation process is an important undertaking for guaranteeing that structures have solid foundations. Skipping excavation or doing the process improperly for any new construction may result in project delays, unstable buildings and costly risks. Excavation is a tough job requiring sound knowledge and proper technical expertise. Read More …

3 Reasons to Use Driven Piles on a Small Construction Site

22 November 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Smaller construction sites often need careful planning and management. If you're working with space restrictions, then you might have to juggle your building needs with a lack of access, working room and free space. Sometimes, piling in a constricted site is a headache. If you're currently mapping out a small site build, then using driven piles may be the best option. Why does this kind of piling work well on smaller construction sites? Read More …

Do You Really Need To Work With a Structural Engineer?

22 October 2019
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Structural engineers are professionals who specialise in designing and structuring structures and buildings. They ensure that the structure can withstand the elements that it is exposed to and improve the integrity of existing buildings. They will need to assess the safety, durability and strength of a building, and this starts even before the building is erected. Their job is to make calculations about stresses and loads, offer technical advice, acquire planning and building approval, inspect and monitor the work your construction contractor does throughout the project, administer contracts and other tasks. Read More …

Should You Choose Poured Concrete Benchtops For Your Renovated Kitchen?

9 October 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Having any room of your home renovated is a complicated endeavour, but kitchen renovations can be especially complex. Calling on the services of a professional kitchen renovations company is an excellent way to avoid a lot of backbreaking labour and get some expert advice, but when it comes to choosing the materials your new kitchen will be made from, the decisions will ultimately be yours. Choosing the right materials for your new kitchen benchtops can be particularly difficult with so many different options available to you, from inexpensive vinyl to luxurious granite. Read More …

Ideas for a Relaxing Custom-Built Home

16 September 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

When you decide to visit custom home builders, you may wonder what direction you want the home to go in. There are a number of options you can choose from, but one of the increasingly popular options is a relaxing custom home build. This build incorporates the ideas of meditation, peace and even minimalism. Here are some ideas with that home theme in mind and what you should consider about each idea. Read More …