Ideas for a Relaxing Custom-Built Home

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Ideas for a Relaxing Custom-Built Home

16 September 2019
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When you decide to visit custom home builders, you may wonder what direction you want the home to go in. There are a number of options you can choose from, but one of the increasingly popular options is a relaxing custom home build. This build incorporates the ideas of meditation, peace and even minimalism. Here are some ideas with that home theme in mind and what you should consider about each idea.

Spa Bathroom

A spa bathroom isn't unique, but the way you do it can be. Spa bathrooms are generally kept clean lines with natural stone or marble. Some teakwood and other similar woods are added in for accessory items like soap dishes and towel hangers. You can upgrade the traditional spa bathroom by adding a small sauna to the room. You can also add a small sunken bathtub similar to the ones you would find in sentō located in Japan. Having your custom builders add air circulation systems that allow you to add incense or other therapy scents to the room can also upgrade the room greatly for your relaxation and spa feel. 

Hidden Storage

When you think about relaxing environments, you likely think of clutter-free spaces. This is the hallmark of many minimalist designs as well. With that in mind, you can have the custom home builders add options like hidden storage compartments. For example, you can have sliding storage placed in small wall pocket areas that normally would be unused space. The wall pocket can be pressed and slide out to hold blankets, books, pantry items or even seasonal clothing storage. This can save you room and give your home the appearance of a minimalist lifestyle. 

Adjustable Sensory Lighting

For many people, sensory issues with lights and sounds can cause stress or anxiety. One way you can reduce that in the home is to have the custom home builders add adjustable sensory lighting. This type of lighting can be done in each room and can operate from a remote or from your phone if the lighting is smart connected. The lighting can then be adjusted to be brighter or darker. It can also be connected to lighting options that are colour-based to change the colour in the room to a more emotional sensory-friendly colour. 

If this type of home sounds ideal for you, contact local custom home builders. They can help you with the design plans, implementing your designs and questions about special upgrades to the traditional designs that may be part of the home build. They can also assist you with deadlines and other questions you may have.