How to Open Up a Small Room In Your Home

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How to Open Up a Small Room In Your Home

19 May 2017
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If you have a small bedroom, office, or other space in your home, you want to give extra consideration to how you decorate that room, and to its overall layout. A few simple changes can make the room seem bigger and brighter, whereas even small decorating mistakes can make it seem more closed-in and claustrophobic. Note a few tips for opening up a small room in your home so you make the most of the space, and make it look as attractive as possible.

Furniture placement

Avoid having furniture in the middle of a small room; in a bedroom, push the bed up against a wall, or switch its position so it's placed at the wall opposite the door. In a living room, remove the coffee table and ensure you have enough side tables for drinks and other items. This will open up foot traffic in the space and keep the room from looking choppy and even smaller than it is. Scale down the furniture as well; opt for a loveseat rather than full sofa, and smaller armchairs in the living room rather than an overstuffed recliner.

Shelving and storage

It can be tricky to add shelving and storage to a small room, as shelves may literally get in the way of foot traffic. A good solution is to add shelves high up along the wall, level with the top of the doorway. This will ensure no one walks into a shelf in that small room, and you can run a shelf this high around the entire room itself. Use baskets for storing small items so they're easier to reach and won't create a cluttered look, and tuck a small step stool under a piece of furniture if you need to use it to access the shelf.


Be generous with lighting in a small room. A floor lamp in a dark corner can make the space seem larger, and you might add several table lamps as well. If you add the long shelf mentioned above, install a rope light underneath it. Wall sconces can highlight artwork and add a nice glow to the space. If the room doesn't have another story above it, you might consider adding a skylight, to keep it illuminated throughout the day without having to waste electricity on lighting fixtures. A skylight that opens can also bring in fresh air, so your small space seems welcoming and cosy and very inviting.