Locksets You Should Use For Your Commercial Premises

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Locksets You Should Use For Your Commercial Premises

19 May 2017
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Constructing your first business premises is an exhilarating process. However, with the broad range of decisions that you would have to make, you may easily overlook the process of making a selection of locksets. It should be noted that commercial premises would have different security and privacy needs as compared to residential structures. Thus, it is essential to know what the different locks are available to you so that you can make an informed decision on what would suit your business. Here a few of the locksets that you should consider using for your commercial premises.

IC cylinder locksets

IC stands for Interchangeable Core, which means the inner core of these locksets can easily be swapped without the need of having the entire lockset replaced. IC locksets are especially ideal for commercial premises as there could be instances where employees or customers being trapped in a room and you are unable to find the proper keys. Moreover, if many people have access to the different keys in your premises, there will be an increased risk of lost keys. With IC lockset, you have the flexibility to have your locks re-keyed effectively and cost efficiently. It should be noted that IC cylinder locksets come with two keys. The first key is used to open the lock on a regular basis and the second key is used to remove the core. It is advisable to limit access to the core key for security reasons.

Disc tumbler locksets

These types of locksets comprise rotating discs that are turned like a tumbler when the key is inserted, hence the name of the lock. To open the door, the discs have to be in the right alignment, which causes a sidebar to lower and grant you access. Since disc tumbler locksets do not have any spring mechanism inside them, they will not be at risk of corrosion, which is a primary cause of jammed locks. Thus, you can install these locksets in outdoor areas that are exposed to the elements without the risk of excessive damage.

Privacy locksets

The main thing to keep in mind about privacy locksets is that they are not designed for security. Thus, they will typically not have a key. As such, they are better suited for areas in your commercial premises that would require a locking device as a means of privacy rather than to keep people out for example in bathroom stalls or changing rooms. Moreover, they are a cheap alternative to installing lockable knobs on these doors.

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