Top Reasons to Use Composite Timber Supplies for Your Structure

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Top Reasons to Use Composite Timber Supplies for Your Structure

19 May 2017
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Timber supplies are the most utilised material for most types of construction. However, the type of wood that you use will dictate how durable your structure will be. Thus, if you cannot afford to invest in premium timber species' you should consider economic solutions that will not detract from the appearance of your structure. One economical alternative that you could consider is composite timber. Composite timber supplies, which are also referred to as wood plastic composites, are created using wood fibres that have been mixed with thermoplastics. So why would composite timber be beneficial to you when engaging in construction?  

Composite timber supplies are low maintenance

One of the primary reasons why composite timber supplies are more convenient than natural wood is the easy maintenance that they provide. The thermoplastics integrated into the wood enhance the water resistance of the material. Thus, you can use the composite timber for both exterior and interior construction without having to worry about decay or general water damage. Secondly, since the thermoplastics make the composite timber inorganic, it is not susceptible to pest infestations. Therefore, you would not have to worry about treating your structure on a regular basis to prevent termites and other wood boring insects from damaging it.

Composite timber supplies are long lasting

Another great benefit of opting or composite timber supplies is they are hardwearing. No matter what the climatic conditions are in your area, you do not have to worry about the structure succumbing to premature weathering. With natural timber, you would eventually have to contend with a broad range of structural flaws such as warping, splintering and cracking of the wood. These damages are especially common if you face erratic temperature changes that would cause the timber to expand and contract. In addition to durability, you will find some providers typically include a warranty as assurance for the lifespan of your construction supplies.

Composite timber supplies are attractive

When some homeowners hear the word thermoplastic, they will immediately assume that the composite timber will have a fake wood appearance to it. In reality, it is quite difficult for the untrained eye to discern the difference between composite and natural timber supplies. When looking to buy composite timber, you will find they come in a vast assortment of colours and mimic different types of wood grain. Thus, you can stay assured that suing these building supplies will boost the aesthetic appeal of your structure rather than detract from its appearance.

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