Areas to Focus On During Kitchen Renovations

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Areas to Focus On During Kitchen Renovations

22 May 2017
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In most households, the kitchen functions as a gathering space. For this reasons, the kitchen is usually considered the heart of a home. However, with the amount of foot traffic the kitchen experiences, it also tends to be one of the areas of your residence that succumb to disrepair. Over time, you will find that your kitchen is looking dull and worn out, which can make the room an eyesore. To counter this, you should invest in kitchen renovations. Nevertheless, focusing on the wrong areas can be wasteful economically, and you may end up unsatisfied with the outcome. So what are the main areas to focus on during kitchen renovations?

Walls, windows and doors

The first place to start when giving your kitchen a facelift would be to update your walls, windows and entryway. Luckily, this can easily be done by splashing a fresh coat of paint on these areas. A handy tip to consider would be to choose light paint colours as these would make your kitchen appear brighter.

Additionally, consider choosing a different colour for the door and window frames so that they contrast the colour on your walls. It should also be noted that light colours are easier to paint over. Therefore, if you end up selling your home or decide to repaint your kitchen, it would be easy to paint over pastels and neutral colours.


As your kitchen advances in age, its worktops will steadily exhibit signs of wear and tear. This deterioration should come as no surprise as all types of food prep, whether it is chopping vegetables or cutting meat, are carried out on these benchtops. When it comes to your worktops, there are several options you could consider to update their appearance.

The first, and most expensive, alternative would be to replace them with new materials. This approach will involve having to remove your existing worktops and can be a labour intensive process. However, it does have an advantage as you get to choose from a wide assortment of materials that would provide you with enhanced longevity.

The second approach you could consider would be refurbishing your current worktops. It should be noted that this method would only be feasible if you have butcher block benchtops, which are made from wood, as the imperfections can be sanded down easily.

Lastly, you may want to consider resurfacing the benchtops. This approach involves adding new materials to the surface such as laminate.