Do Those Noises Mean You Need an Emergency Plumber?

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Do Those Noises Mean You Need an Emergency Plumber?

22 May 2017
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When it comes to your home's plumbing, there are times when you can actually hear signs of problems with the pipes, either coming from plumbing fixtures themselves or from behind walls and under the floorboards. Note when those noises may mean that you need the services of an emergency plumber, and why this can be so important for your home.


If you hear hissing when you turn on the hot water faucets or taps, this may signal a leak in the hot water heater. Steam can build up in the heater and should be released through a valve; if the valve is blocked, the steam may be putting pressure on the pipes. If one should crack or a connector should come loose, you may hear hissing.

Never try to fix this on your own, as hot water in the tank can be very dangerous and cause severe burns; a hot water leak can also damage your lawn and porcelain plumbing fixtures. Call an emergency plumber instead to check the sources of the leak and to fix the valve and any other necessary parts.


You shouldn't hear any sounds as water flows through the pipes, since that water flow should be steady and even, and pipes should be securely fastened to wall studs and floorboards. However, if you do hear banging, and especially if the banging is very loud, it's time to call a plumber. This often means there is an obstruction in the pipes so that there is more pressure in the water as it flows through the pipes, causing them to bang around. Connectors and fasteners may also be loose, allowing the pipes to move and clang. Don't wait to have this problem resolved, as this can easily lead to burst pipes and subsequent water leaks and floods.

Gurgling from the toilet

If you hear gurgling from the toilet, either as you flush or just randomly, this often means the fill valve is leaking and the tank is slowly emptying into the toilet bowl. There may also be air in the water lines that refill the toilet tank, so you hear the water gurgling when you flush the toilet. These are not necessarily emergencies, but they shouldn't be ignored, as a leaking fill valve means lots of wasted water. Air in your home's plumbing lines can also put pressure on the pipes, increasing the risk of a burst pipe or connector.