How to Know When You Have a Bathroom Leak

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How to Know When You Have a Bathroom Leak

22 May 2017
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One of the more common problems to experience with your home's plumbing, especially in the bathroom, is to have a leak. This can be a leak from the faucet, pipes underneath the sink, shower, or toilet. While seeing standing water or an actual dripping faucet makes it easy to spot a leak, there are some other signs you should look out for.

Visible Damage on the Floors or Walls

It is not uncommon to have a water leak in your bathroom without actually showing puddles of water. The leak could be hidden in the walls or under the floors, where you don't even realise you have a cracked pipe. In this case, you should look for signs of water damage around the bathroom, including the floors, walls and ceiling. Check the floors of the bathroom for changes in the flooring tile, such as peeling or discolouration. This often occurs around the sink, tub, or toilet where leaks can occur. Also look for water spots on the walls where the paint is a different colour, or look for peeling wallpaper in the bathroom.

The Smell of Mildew and Mould

When water leaks in the bathroom remain there for a long period of time, it often leads to mildew and mould. Not only is this obvious based on the smell of your bathroom, but it can also do a lot of damage that will require renovations. It is important to note any weird smells and contact a plumber right away. Standing water, whether visible to you or not, can quickly mildew and then turn to mould. When you enter your bathroom, inhale and try to notice any musty odours. This is often the beginning of mildew growth. You may notice that the smell is stronger near the drains of your bathroom.

An Increase in Insects or Rodents

This is one of the more subtle signs of having a leak in your bathroom, but definitely something to pay attention to. There are two reasons insects and rodents can be related to a leak; they are often attracted to standing water, and many of them are attracted to mould and mildew. This is why you might notice cockroaches or beetles more often when you find a water leak underneath your bathroom sink. You may also notice signs of rodents like mice, such as with smoke holes in the walls of your bathroom cabinet where mice are going in and out.