Pool Fencing: Perks of Vinyl Over Timber

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Pool Fencing: Perks of Vinyl Over Timber

22 May 2017
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There are not many people who would object to the fact that timber is one of the most attractive fencing options that you could consider or your home. However, not many homeowners bear in mind the hidden costs that they would incur over time. These hidden costs would be especially expensive if you are using timber for your pool fencing. If you would like a durable yet cost effective alternative, you should consider erecting vinyl pool fence. The following are a few perks of installing vinyl pool fencing.

Vinyl pool fencing is resistant to fading

Pool areas are typically situated right in the middle of the yard or maximum sunlight exposure. As such, you should also keep in mind that your choice of fencing will be exposed to direct sunlight and the wrath of inclement weather on a consistent basis. If you have painted your fencing, you would have to invest your time and money in regular repainting to cover up chips and peeling caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation. Moreover, the direct exposure to the sun will cause wood fencing to splinter, crack and warp in the long term. Vinyl, on the other hand, is UV resistant. In addition to this, the pigments are incorporated during the manufacturing process, so vinyl is not at risk of losing its colour over time. If you would like a fence that would retain its pristine appearance for a long time, vinyl would be an ideal investment.

Vinyl pool fencing is resistant to insects

Another major advantage of choosing vinyl over timber is its pest resistance. There is a vast range of wood boring insects that would pose the risk of structural damage to your timber fence. One of the pests that you should be particularly wary of is termites. Not only would the termites eat through your pool fencing, but they can also pose the risk of an infestation in your principal residence. It would be in your best interests to avoid this at all costs. A better alternative for your pool fencing would be vinyl. Since vinyl is an inorganic material, insects will not be attracted to it as a food source. Moreover, you would not have to worry about treating your fence on a regular basis to keep these insects away. Lastly, you would not have to worry about your property being exposed to harmful chemicals due to the constant use of pesticides.