The Different Types of Plywood You Must Learn

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The Different Types of Plywood You Must Learn

23 May 2017
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Plywood is an important material when handling furniture. It can be used in a variety of styles to build concrete forms, cabinets, and other furniture projects that require large and flat pieces of wood. The material is created by subjecting thin players of pieces of wood attached with glue to extreme pressure conditions using hydraulic system presses to come up with a single sheet of wood. Most structural building and construction applications prefer softwood plywood whereas hardwood plywood is mostly used for cabinets and furniture. Check out the various plywood types and where they are best applied.

Softwood Plywood

This type of plywood is manufactured with the use of fir lumber. Softwood plywood has a distinct look and is not suitable for furniture or cabinets. It is strong and mostly used for structural building materials that are either painted or plastered over. Many residential modern houses also prefer it for sub-floor material.

Composite Plywood

Composite plywood is the best option  for furniture and cabinet makers. It has its outside layers made from high-density fibreboard with a thin veneer of hardwood covering and traditional layers of wood on the inside. The combination of materials used on the outside and inner layers gives it a flat working surface with a highly dense core.

Exterior Plywood

This type of plywood is made of waterproof glue and can be used anytime there is a possibility of weather conditions like water. Exterior plywood comes in all sizes and is literally made from fir plywood. It is commonly used in the construction industry for roofing and flooring for areas that water is present such as bathroom and kitchen. It can also be used for sheathing on the exterior parts of homes, construction of dormers and transforms, and support for masons during the construction project.

Hardwood Plywood

With the use of different species of hardwood, this type of plywood can be used to make various types of cabinets. Red oak and birch are the commonly used traditional hardwood plywood to make cabinets due to their cost and availability. Other types of hardwood that may be used to make cabinets includes the ash, maple, mahogany, and cherry hardwoods. Compared to other types of plywood, hardwood is the most expensive due to its lack of defects and overall beauty when used.  

When choosing plywood, consider the nature of the construction project you are handling in order to secure the one that best suits your needs.