Three Situations Where You Need Boring When Putting in a Swimming Pool

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Three Situations Where You Need Boring When Putting in a Swimming Pool

5 January 2018
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Building a pool requires a lot of different steps, and in some cases, you may want to hire someone to do some boring for you. There are a variety of different reasons that you may want to consider boring as you work on your pool. Take a look at these situations. 

1. You Want a Core Sample

If the bedrock is close to the surface or if there is other rock in the area where you want to build your pool, that can make it hard for the builders to dig the pool. If you're worried about rock or other elements, you may want to start by having a boring professional take a core sample for you.

Basically, to take a core sample, they bore into the ground. Then, they pull out a cylindrical sample. This basically gives the pool installers a blueprint so they know what to expect as they dig the pool.

2. You Need to Add Pilings Under Your Pool

In some cases, if you start with a core sample, you may discover that the ground simply isn't strong enough to support a pool. For instance, if there is a lot of limestone or other porous rocks, you may need extra support.

In these cases, you need a professional who can bore under the foundation of the pool and then add pilings. Pilings under a pool work very similar to pilings under a home's foundation. They simply provide extra support. In some cases, you can opt for helical pilings which distribute the weight of the pool out into other parts of the ground.

3. You Want a Well to Supply Water to Your Pool

Filling a pool can be expensive, but if you live in an area where you are allowed to dig wells, you may want to consider that. For example, the rules around digging your own well are usually less restrictive in the country than in a city neighbourhood.

In this case, you can hire a boring company to dig a bore well for you. Basically, the well goes to the water table. Then, you install a pump that helps you fill the pool and potentially supply water to your home or to use for irrigation purposes.

To learn more, talk with your pool installer or contrast a boring professional directly. They can let you know if you are likely to need boring before you move forward with the rest of the pool installation process.