Two reasons why you should not perform any DIY roof repairs during your renovation project

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Two reasons why you should not perform any DIY roof repairs during your renovation project

1 February 2018
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If you are planning to renovate a house, you may be thinking about doing some of the renovation work yourself, in order to reduce the overall cost of the project.This is a perfectly reasonable idea, as there are quite a few simple and straightforward renovation activities that do not require a great deal of skill or lots of equipment (such as painting, for example).

However, one type of task that you should never undertake without professional assistance is roof work. Read on to find out why.

It could be extremely dangerous

Any activity which needs to be performed at a height is inherently dangerous and puts those involved at risk of serious injury.

However, professional tradespeople who specialise in roof repairs have the expertise, safety gear and access to equipment needed to mitigate many of the risks associated with working several metres above the ground.

For example, they can place scaffolding around the area of the roof that needs to be repaired; this can serve as a steady, safe base from which to perform their work.

If they need to climb onto the roof in order to work on a specific area of it, they can also put on fall protection gear (such as, for example, a harness that is attached to the scaffolding) to reduce their chances of falling if they slip or lose their balance. Additionally, they can wear safety gear that will minimise the severity of their injuries if they do end up falling (such as a hard hat).

Conversely, if you attempt to perform roof repairs with a standard residential ladder and little to no safety gear, there is a very real risk that you will fall and sustain a life-threatening injury, as a ladder is nowhere near as stable or a secure as scaffolding and as such, can easily be knocked over if you lean too far in one direction or if it is struck by a powerful gust of wind.

You could make a serious mistake

If you attempt to perform roof repairs without the help of an experienced and knowledgeable roofing contractor, you could end up making a major error that could affect the roof's functionality and cause serious problems throughout the rest of the property.

For example, if the house you are renovating has a metal roof which has developed some corrosion-induced holes, it is essential to get in touch with one of your local metal roofing specialists and arrange for them to repair the damage.

If you do not, and instead decide to patch up the roof yourself using a piece of sheet metal, you could end up failing to properly seal up the holes.

This could lead to rainwater seeping in through the gap and coming into contact with the timber rafters or trusses that support the roof. This moisture could cause the timber to rot, which could, in turn, cause serious structural problems throughout the house that could cost an enormous amount of money to resolve.

In this situation, it would be far more economical in the long-term to employ a metal roofing specialist, who will not only be able to properly seal up the holes but will also be able to determine and address the corrosion that caused the damage in the first place.