An Overview of the Concrete Core Drilling Process

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An Overview of the Concrete Core Drilling Process

2 April 2018
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There are multiple reasons to consider concrete core drilling services. Do you want to create an opening for a manhole? Perhaps you want to install electrical and plumbing lines or recessed lighting. Whatever your need for concrete core services is, you need to make sure you get it right the first time. Concrete core drilling does not come cheap, which is why you need all the details about the process for you to plan accordingly. If it's your first time, you may find it quite challenging when it comes to finding the right concrete core drilling companies or equipment to hire. Here is an overview of some significant aspects of concrete core drilling to help you through the process.

What the Method Entails

Concrete core drilling involves the use of a concrete core drill to remove cylinders of material, referred to as cores. The material can be concrete, asphalt, rebar or stone. As highlighted above, drilling of the core is meant for utility permeation—to allow for the installation of electric wiring, electric heating, plumbing, etc. Core drilling is preferred for such applications because it's a high-speed method characterised by no transfer of vibrations to the adjacent areas, minimised spalling and elimination of fractures. What's more, the holes drilled are usually clean and straight, which means no cosmetic repairs such as patching will be required.

The Type of Concrete Core Drilling Equipment 

The choice of core drilling equipment is perhaps the most significant aspect of the drilling process because it makes all the difference regarding failure and success. Core drills are manufactured in different types designed for specific applications. Therefore, you need the right core drill for your project to be successful. The first step to getting the ideal core drill for your work is to consider your drilling location, especially if you are drilling into the ground. You need to identify whether the land you intend to drill through is wet or dry. Core drills function with the help of drill bits. These drill bits are designed for wet or dry drilling, so you need to remember this in your selection.

The Amount of Work

The type of work you have will also point you toward the most suitable kind of core drill to use. Core drills are available in three major types: lightweight duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. The amount of work you have will enable you to determine the right power requirements of your core drill. For example, a handheld core drill would be the ideal choice for a lightweight duty application.