Marine Construction: Three Vital Tips for Maintaining Your Dock

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Marine Construction: Three Vital Tips for Maintaining Your Dock

4 January 2019
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If you have built a dock in your marina or other property, you should plan for regular maintenance. It is not uncommon for people to put their marine structures at the back of their minds after the construction is completed. You should remember that negligence leads to the quick degradation of the structure. If the dock fails, you will need to put funds into reconstruction. It is also important to remember that a poorly maintained dock is a dangerous dock. Here are some crucial guidelines for keeping your marine dock at its peak.

Check the Hardware

You should make time to check the condition of the hardware installed in your deck for structural support. Often, docks begin weakening and failing due to the gradual degradation of the hardware, including fasteners and connectors. Therefore, you can prevent major problems if you prevent their failure. If your marine contractor used sturdy hardware products, their lifespan should be quite long. However, unexpected corrosion and dislodgement can occur. If this happens, choose high-quality fasteners and connectors rated for outdoor and marine use.

Replace Worn Sections

If a section of your dock sustains damage or shows signs of failure, you should plan for immediate replacement. For instance, immediate repair is crucial if a board in a wooden dock system is compromised due to rotting. The localised damage might not seem dangerous initially. In reality, the impact is quite high. The broken section will force the adjacent sections to experience more stress from the water and the traffic. As a result, the damage will spread fast. You should avoid this deterioration and the dangers of a damaged dock by repairing the structure immediately.

Treat and Clean the Dock

Docks are susceptible to accelerated deterioration and subsequent breakdown because of their constant contact with water. This is particularly true for wooden docks because the wood tends to absorb water. Also, the timber supports the growth of fungi, lichen and moss, which further increase the rate of rotting. Therefore, if you have a wooden dock, you might want to consider sealing the surfaces with an environmentally friendly product to prevent this form of decline. Metal components in docks are also vulnerable to damage, so you may want to consider using safe anticorrosion treatments. In addition, you should remember to clean your docks regularly to prevent harmful biological growths.

Finally, you should monitor the state of your marine dock. Detecting any changes early can help you protect the structure from complete failure. Meet with a marine project consultant for more information or assistance.