Typical Electrical Repairs Conducted in Australia Every Day

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Typical Electrical Repairs Conducted in Australia Every Day

3 May 2019
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You can need the services of a qualified electrician in our home for all sorts of reasons. For example, electricians are sometimes called in to provide additional sockets around the house. Alternatively, you might need one in order to install a new light fitting or to provide more domestic wiring for an extension. However, electricians are not only there to provide additional capacity. They are able to carry out a wide range of repairs, as well. What are the most common electrical repairs carried out in Australia today?

Tripping Out Fuses

One of the reasons that electricians are called to homes again and again these days is due to an RCD or fuse box constantly tripping out. This can happen for a number of reasons, including an overloaded circuit, but it usually requires a skilled expert in order to track down the root cause of the problem. When a circuit in your home keeps tripping, you may well be able to reset it yourself. However, this is increasingly annoying if it happens more than a couple of times a month. Using professional test equipment, your local electrician should be able to remedy the situation on a permanent basis.

Lighting Circuit Faults

Another common repair that electricians will undertake concerns lighting circuits. When a ring main that runs your home's lights is not running correctly, you can often hear a faint buzz or a hum in the background. This is annoying, but it is also the sign of a potentially dangerous situation, in some cases. Inspections and repairs to wall light fittings, ceiling lights and dimmer controllers tend to overcome such problems rapidly.

Broken Power Sockets

If you have any faulty power outlets in your home, then these should be regarded as a real danger. Crucially, this is the case even if you avoid using the broken ones. Faulty power sockets can arc even when they are not in use, which could mean that you or your family receive a very unwelcome electrical shock. Repair work of this nature will usually involve replacing the broken sockets with new ones.

Cable Repairs

Finally, it is worth mentioning that electrical repairs do not necessarily have to relate to power distribution or lighting systems within the home. Many electricians will also undertake repair work to other sorts of cables. For example, if you have Ethernet wiring run around your home, then your electrician should be able to resolve any operational issues you may be experiencing with it. Equally, some A/V installations need the skilled eye of an electrician in order to work properly if an intermittent signal fault has developed.

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