Key Trends That Are Revolutionizing in Kitchen Showrooms

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Key Trends That Are Revolutionizing in Kitchen Showrooms

10 July 2019
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With the proliferation of online stores, convenience has become the name of the game in the retail industry, and the kitchen is the latest victim. Today, buying kitchenware has never been easier, and people can do it in their pyjamas. However, there is no denying the fact that homeowners do not always get what they paid for when buying kitchenware online. Notably, kitchen showrooms offer the perfect opportunity to bring homeowners back to the basics of kitchenware shopping. However, it can only be achieved if the kitchen showroom creates a unique experience. As a contractor, you have to create a showroom that helps potential customers to envision what their space will look like. This article highlights key trends that are revolutionising the kitchen showroom. 

Need-Based Kitchen Showroom -- There is nothing wrong with customers wanting some of the best brands in the kitchenware market. However, times are changing, and whether they know it or not, homeowners are looking for need-based kitchens rather than spaces that are filled with designer cabinets. For example, a spacious kitchen with less known cabinet and appliance brands will attract the attention of a client with a big family than a small kitchen with well-known brands. On the other hand, a newlywed couple would love an intimate kitchen that features fittings such as wine racks. Therefore, your objective as a fitting contractor is to create a kitchen display that speaks the customer's language.

Interactive Visual Boards -- Customers have different tastes when it comes to selecting countertops, cabinets and kitchen floor patterns. As such, kitchen showrooms are increasingly incorporating interactive visual boards where prospects can play around with different designs. Most interactive visual boards in kitchen showrooms have magnetic strips that make it easy for customers to move each component around. Furthermore, the feature encourages interaction between customers as well as customers and salespersons, thereby increasing the chances of making a sale. 

Immersive Technology -- Virtual reality goggles can be found almost everywhere today. Therefore, there is no reason why you should not include the goggles in kitchen showrooms. Rather than show prospect-3D mockups of how their new kitchen will look like, immersive technology in kitchen showrooms allows homeowners the opportunity to walk inside what would be their new kitchen. Of course, that requires enough space to let clients walk about with relative ease. Moreover, customers can replace countertops and lighting fixtures by the touch of a button. Thanks to immersive technology, an informed customer is more likely to make a purchase.