Benefits of Using Double-Glazed Windows in Tiny Homes

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Benefits of Using Double-Glazed Windows in Tiny Homes

22 July 2019
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One of the things you have to consider when you are buying or building a tiny home is the effect of weather on the home. This means you want to choose building materials and upgrades that seal your tiny home from the elements and make it easier to maintain a specific temperature and humidity level. One of the key components that can help you achieve that in your tiny home is using double-glazed windows. Here are a few of the reasons and what you need to know about each one.

Reduced Condensation

Condensation can cause numerous issues in your tiny home. One of the leading issues is wood damage around the window. Over time the condensation can build up, pool and cause wood rot or breakdown. This is possible with certain window options that can cause condensation easily with the temperature differences. For example, during the winter, the temperature can drop so significantly that having a warm tiny home will cause condensation to form on the windows. With double-glazed windows, you have a sealed air pocket housed between two panes of glass. This stops the condensation from entering the home and helps maintain the temperature in the tiny home.

Reduced Interior Damage

One of the key components of any tiny home is finding the right window dressings. You likely spent money to ensure you have a beautiful look in the tiny home while also keeping out unwanted sunlight or temperatures. The last thing you want is increased fading from the sun. With double-glazed windows, you reduce the chances of the sun fading your curtains and other interior items like furniture and paintings. The UV rays coming into the room are reduced by each pane of glass. 

Reduced Energy Loss

Tiny homes can be difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in. This means you may have multiple options such as cross breeze, fans or, during colder months, heaters. If your windows are single-pane ones, you can lose a lot of energy through the windows. This means your equipment is working harder to maintain the temperature and increasing your energy use. With double-glazed windows, you can reduce this energy loss and maintain the temperature in the tiny home without overworking your equipment. 

Tiny home manufacturers and suppliers can help you with the right double-glazed windows for your needs. They can also help you make upgrades to your current tiny home if you would like to replace your windows with the double-glazed options. If you have pricing questions or other questions about these windows, ask your tiny home contractor or supplier during a consultation.