Demolition Facts That Every Renovation Contractor Must Know

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Demolition Facts That Every Renovation Contractor Must Know

20 August 2019
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Although many people believe that they have a perfect understanding of what demolition contractors do, the truth is that such insight is riddled with misconceptions. While the average person can be forgiven for harbouring the delusions, a renovation contractor should not. Demolition contractors handle a lot more than the stereotypical work with wrecking balls and explosions. Therefore, it is rather unfortunate that most contractors do not know much about demolitions today. This article highlights facts about demolitions that every renovation contractor must know.  

The Focus Is on Deconstruction

When some renovation contractors picture demolition contractors at work, the first thing that often comes to mind is a wrecking ball swinging into a building. However, the truth is that wrecking balls are not used as much these days as before. The reason is that a more significant percentage of demolition work today involves more of deconstruction and less of total demolition. The approach allows the contractor to salvage any reusable material that can be repurposed in other projects, especially by renovation contractors. For instance, if the tiles, bricks, fixtures, beams and frames of a building are still in good condition, then deconstruction is the route that a professional demolition contractor will take.  

Minimisation of Waste

The scenes that most people are familiar with regarding demolitions are cranes loading waste onto dump trucks which then take the waste to landfills. The perception often leads to the belief that demolition contractors create so much waste that chokes existing landfills. However, did you know that demolition companies were among the first to service providers to focus on recycling materials? In fact, minimising waste has become part and parcel of most demolition programs as contractors understand the impact of their activities on the environment and ecological balance. Consequently, there is less waste coming from demolition projects over the years. Today, contractors pursue effective strategies to avoid trips to the landfills as much as possible.  

The Specialisation of Demolitions

When hiring a demolition contractor, it is only natural for one to believe that any demolition contractor can get the job done. However, this is not the case because demolition contractors specialise in different projects. For example, some contractors specialise in residential buildings, while others are experts in commercial building demolitions. Other contractors deal solely with sensitive demolitions such as nuclear power plants. Therefore, when looking for a demolition contractor, you need to find out the specialty first before hiring.