Simple Tricks That Can Help You Pick the Perfect Timber for Your House Framing Projects

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Simple Tricks That Can Help You Pick the Perfect Timber for Your House Framing Projects

29 May 2020
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Timber frame houses are some of the most popular constructions in the country. Timber gives the home a natural look and feel, is strong and durable and, when well maintained, creates a house that offers decades of structural integrity. However, if you want to gain from all these benefits of timber, you have to choose the wood species that you want for your home carefully. Some of the most common local tree species used for house framing include White Oak, Pine, Cedar, Red Oak, Douglas Fir and Cypress. The availability of species can make it hard to choose one. However, these three simple tricks will make your work simpler.

How Available Is the Timber Species in Your Locality?

Not all timber species mentioned are readily available in all parts of the country. The problem with shipping wood from a different part of the country is that the transportation costs; time and other logistics get complicated when you have to source the timber from far. The beauty of the tree species of Australia is that you can get a species which has the same characteristics as the one you want but is not locally available. Simply ask the timber merchant to recommend a species with the same qualities as the one you want. 

Is the Species a Hardwood or a Softwood?

Hardwood tree species are known to last for decades because of their superior tensile strength and ability to withstand environmental conditions. They offer great versatility and can be used for superior quality decorative and accessory work. However, they take many years to grow, which makes them very expensive. Softwoods, on the other hand, are not as strong as the hardwoods. However, they grow fast and are also versatile, which makes them cheaper than hardwoods. It is wise to compare these pros and cons before deciding whether to go for hardwood species or softwoods.

The Specific Function

Not all wood species will perform perfectly in all house construction projects. Some species are perfect for framing while others do well for decorative work such as moulding. Before ordering a certain species, you should also ask how it performs when hammered or joined together by use of nails.

Choosing the perfect timber species for your project depends on your budget and the beauty and functionality of the species. The most important things to do are to consult widely with professional suppliers of timber supplies and to take into consideration the advice they offer before settling on a species.