Wood Pallet Advantages Everyone Is Talking About

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Wood Pallet Advantages Everyone Is Talking About

28 September 2020
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Pallets are essential aides for handling cargo during storage and transportation. Many different types of pallets exist for use in cargo-handling applications, but wood pallets are by far the most common.

The widespread use of these pallets can be attributed to the many benefits they provide. Below are a few common reasons wood pallets are a favoured choice for material handling.

They hold more weight

The different pallet materials available on the market vary by weight and by strength. Wood pallets have a sturdy construction and are quite heavy. These qualities make them suitable for heavy-duty applications. You can move heavy goods on wood pallets without worrying about the risk of pallet damage.

They allow for the stacking of goods

The sturdy construction of wood pallets makes it possible to stack up several heavy objects on top of a single pallet without the pallet breaking. This advantage can really come in handy when you have a small floor area and a high ceiling in your storage facility. 

The high level of friction between wooden pallets and the floors of your transport vehicles help keep the pallets in place during transportation. This minimises the risk of stacked goods slipping while on the road.

They are repairable

While pallets made of wood are incredibly sturdy, they're not indestructible. They can get damaged from the incredible amount of abuse they're subjected to during their lifespan. 

Unlike non-wood pallet alternatives such as plastic, damaged wood can be repaired by removing and replacing broken or rotting wood members. This helps restore the strength of the pallet structure without having to replace it completely. 

Repair of wood pallets is a simple job that can be performed with a hammer and just a few nails, in most cases. 

They have immense reuse potential

End-of-life wood pallets do not belong at landfill sites. They're valuable material with immense reuse potential. Used pallets can be repurposed in a variety of ways. It can be used for craft projects such as furniture-making and pallet gardens. 

If the wood is no longer in structurally sound condition, it can be useful for applications like mulching and composting.

They are readily available

Compared to other pallet materials, wood pallets are more easily available on the local market. This makes them suitable for users that don't want to wait too long for their pallets to be delivered.

Talk to a pallet supplier close to you for more information about your pallet options.