A Guide On The Work Of Building Consultants

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A Guide On The Work Of Building Consultants

14 July 2021
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If you intend to build a home, you probably require the services of a building consultant. These are professionals whose primary agenda is to ensure that you have a hassle-free construction process. The article discusses the services offered by building consultants. 

Building And Construction Laws

Building consultants will inform you of the laws that could affect the construction work. For instance, zoning regulations will prohibit you from building your home in an area zoned for commercial use. They will also assess planning laws to establish restrictions on storey buildings, fencing, carports and swimming pools. If you have a large parcel of land, you could wish to subdivide it and sell a portion of the property. It is a sure way to fund your project. In this case, the consultant will inform you about the subdivision laws. They include the minimum plot size, property amenities and management of stormwater. 

Building Design 

The consultant will give essential insights into the building design. First, they will want to know how you envision your home. For instance, say you would want a four-bedroom storey house. In this case, the consultant will help you choose an appropriate design. For example, they could suggest a kitchen bar, a deck, open living space, skylights, an attic and a shed. While these features may not be in your original design, they will help improve the functionality of the house. The consultant will also suggest features that can make your house attractive to buyers. Large glass fixtures, appealing landscapes, top-of-the-range energy efficiency and security will ensure that your home sells for a fortune. 

Construction Management

Managing a construction project can be difficult if you do not have any experience in the field. As such, the consultant will advise you on what to look out for when hiring a contractor. For instance, most people forget to check the contractor's insurance and registration. Besides, the contractor will inform you of construction quality control. For example, you can hire a certifier to ensure the builder follows the blueprints and the building code. Besides, they will tell you the safety measures that you should observe at the site. 

Project Financing 

Project financing can be a nightmare without proper planning. Your consultant should show you how to appraise the project. For example, you could take a quantity surveyor's estimate and compare it against builders who bid for the project. They will inform you about the various financing avenues. For example, you could reduce the interest of your mortgage by taking a shared-equity home loan. 

Building consultants can help you understand construction laws, choose an appropriate building design and train you on project management and how to finance your project.