Factors to Deliberate on When Opting for Excavator Hire for Residential Construction

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Factors to Deliberate on When Opting for Excavator Hire for Residential Construction

18 August 2021
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Regardless of what type of construction project you are embarking on for your residential property, selecting the right machinery is vital for its success. And when it comes to versatility, it is hard to come across equipment that is as adaptable as an excavator. Not only is it available in different options but it is also compatible with an array of accessories so your contractors can carry out multiple tasks with the same machinery.

But before you hire an excavator, there are several things that you need to contemplate so that you can be certain that you are making the most of this lease. Read on for a couple of the factors that you should consider when opting for excavator hire for residential construction. 

What do you expect from excavator hire? 

Before you can lease an excavator for your residential construction project, you need to establish your expectations. A blunder some people make is thinking that since excavators can carry out multiple jobs then they can simply hire the cheapest machinery available to save on costs but this is the wrong way of going about it. To ensure that the excavator will be capable of meeting the demands of your construction project, you need to know what these demands are in the first place.

As an example, if your contractors will be tearing down a secondary stricture before they can embark on the project, you should consider a demolition excavator that is designed with this functionality. Alternatively, if your site has water for one reason or another, perhaps you live by the beach, you should opt for an amphibious excavator that is capable of working in these conditions. 

Which excavator arm configuration will best suit your project? 

The second often overlooked factor to take into consideration when opting for excavator hire is the arm configuration that will be most functional for your project. The most common option available is the standard arm that is outfitted on a majority of excavators. This standard arm lends the excavator the ability to lift and dig to a specific height and depth.

If your residential construction project will entail digging to great depths or lifting to substantial heights, you may want to choose a long-arm configuration that can reach these limits. It is also worth noting that the longer the arm reach, the more convenient it is for the project since the construction contractors will not have to reposition the excavator as often as they would need to when employing an excavator with a standard arm configuration.