4 Critical Considerations When Building Your Dream Swimming Pool

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4 Critical Considerations When Building Your Dream Swimming Pool

20 December 2021
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Constructing a custom swimming pool is a huge investment that requires time, money and effort. Before the actual building starts, you must make numerous decisions to ensure your pool meets your unique requirements. To help you have an easy time tackling this massive home improvement project, consider these critical factors when planning your custom pool construction.

Property Elevation

Understanding the elevation on your property is vital to ensure excellent drainage. That's especially true when you must build the swimming pool at a much lower location within your property's yard. This approach will help protect against possible runoff.  Your contractor can also have an easier time redirecting the flow of water and preserving the cleanliness of the pool water. 

It's imperative to ensure that the contractors are experienced working on slopes or uneven terrain. Additionally, they must account for all possible angles while exercising extreme caution to guarantee a levelled pool through customised approaches. Review your contractor's portfolio and check previously done projects to determine their suitability for the job. 

Shape and Design 

Indeed, the conventional rectangular pool might never run out of style, but most homeowners are now adopting innovative pool styles to maximise space and aesthetics. The possibilities are limitless, whether thinking of round, rectangular, or any irregularly shaped pool. For instance, free-form swimming pools can mimic water bodies like rocky curved shorelines or stunning asymmetries of woodland ponds.

If you are a competition swimmer, you might prefer a long narrow pool, excellent for swimming laps. You might want to consider a pool with a deeper well for diving purposes too. If there are elderly individuals or kids in your home, you might want to consider a pool with a shallow end and steps for a more accessible entrance. Therefore, keep in mind your unique requirements when considering the shape and design of your swimming pool.


With global temperatures surging, faster installation time offered by fibreglass and vinyl-lined pools can seem tempting. However, such swimming pools are less adaptable to seasonal changes. If you need a highly durable and customisable pool that suits your landscape, you'll realize that a more extended installation period of concrete pools is worth the wait. You should, however, consult with your insurance firm on what your policy states regarding concrete pools. 

The Filtration System

Finally, your swimming pool requires clean water circulation to retain its freshness and sparkle. With contemporary energy-efficient heating and automation systems, your pool contractor can assist you in selecting a reliable and efficient aquatic system for your swimming pool. Choosing the ideal filtration system will ensure that your pool has an adequate freshwater supply all year round.