Reasons to Install Polished Concrete in Your Kitchen

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Reasons to Install Polished Concrete in Your Kitchen

22 September 2022
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Are you considering the possibilities for flooring for your kitchen renovation? If so, you could turn to polished concrete. Here are several reasons for doing so.

Decorative Options

Polished concrete offers many decorative options. For example, you can lay concrete filled with aggregates such as coloured pebbles or small glass pieces. As the contractors grind and polish the flooring, these embellishments become more evident and create patterns on the floor. Additionally, they can apply stains and dyes, which are available in many shades, such as tans, reds, blues and greens. Stains offer more muted tones than dyes. Another way you can customise polished concrete is to opt for a specific level of polish. You can choose a matte, mirror-like finish or any sheen level in between.

Long-lasting and Durable

Concrete polishing creates a tough, durable surface. A densifier is applied during the later stages of the process, and this makes the concrete harder. If you opt for flooring like tiles or floorboards, you will probably need to replace them much sooner than you would concrete. Additionally, polished concrete is easy to keep clean because you only need a damp mop. Vacuuming and sweeping regularly will keep the floor free of dust and dirt, which can be abrasive if left to build up.

Perfect with Underfloor Heating

Polished concrete works perfectly with underfloor heating, which won't undermine the integrity of the flooring. Concrete stores and holds onto heat. So, once the heating system has warmed the floor, you can turn it down or off, and the floor will emit warmth for many hours. As a result, you can save on energy costs. The gloss of polished flooring also bounces light around a kitchen, reducing the need for artificial light and lowering ongoing bills.


The finishing process for polished concrete adds to the cost of the flooring. However, you can control expenses to some extent with your choice of finish. For example, applying dyes, stains or special aggregates will add to the price. In any case, shiny grey concrete is stunning, and not using the extra decorative touches will help to keep expenditures lower. Lustrous grey concrete has a rawness that's like natural stone, but it's often less expansive than a marble or granite surface.


Polished concrete is also hygienic as it provides a non-porous surface that doesn't grow mould. Plus, it doesn't harbour dust and allergens like carpet can. It's ideal for living areas. You can scatter rugs to soften the look as well.

For more information about concrete polishing, reach out to a local service.