How Can You Avoid Issues With Your Ducted Air Conditioning System?

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How Can You Avoid Issues With Your Ducted Air Conditioning System?

15 March 2023
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A ducted air conditioning system is one of the most effective ways to stay cool when it comes to keeping your home comfortable during the hot summer months. This type of system provides efficient heat removal and can help reduce your energy bills by ensuring that cooled air isn't leaking out of your home due to inefficient insulation. However, in order for a ducted air conditioning system to work at its best and keep you comfortable, regular maintenance is essential.

Why A/C System Maintenance Is Crucial

The importance of maintaining your ducted air conditioning system is twofold. Firstly, regular maintenance helps ensure the system runs at peak efficiency and does not unnecessarily waste energy. This can lead to lower energy bills as well as improved comfort levels in your home. Secondly, regular maintenance helps prevent future problems from occurring due to worn-out parts or dirt accumulation around certain components.

What Types of Maintenance Should You Consider?

One important maintenance task is changing the air filter regularly — typically once every couple of months — as this ensures that only clean air is circulating through the unit and into each room in your house. An unused or dirty filter can cause pressure build-up and reduce airflow, leading to inefficient performance. Vacuuming any dust off vents and registers will also help prevent dust particles from entering the unit and causing further issues.

Why Professional Help Is Important

Additionally, it's important to have a trained technician inspect all parts of the system annually to check for potential damage or wear-and-tear-related issues before they become serious problems. This includes testing refrigerant levels, inspecting cooling coils and fan motors, cleaning evaporator drains and checking outdoor units for rust or corrosion damage. If any issues are identified during the inspection process, then steps can be taken immediately to rectify them before any more extensive repairs are needed down the line.

What Plans Should You Make?

In summary, a properly maintained ducted air conditioning system in your home is essential for cost savings and comfort purposes throughout summertime and beyond. Take care of simple tasks such as replacing filters regularly and have an annual inspection carried out by a qualified technician. If you make such plans, it'll go a long way towards ensuring that your unit functions optimally year after year without issue. And crucially, you may be able to avoid any unnecessary breakdowns in the heat of an Australian summer.

For more information on air conditioning maintenance, contact a professional near you.