Properties of Concrete Flooring That Make It Ideally Suited to Retail Premises

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Properties of Concrete Flooring That Make It Ideally Suited to Retail Premises

4 December 2020
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If you are gearing up to opening the retail space of your new business, you are likely consumed by a multitude of concerns ranging from having enough inventory, luring in passers-by, getting the layout of the premises right and so on. Thus, flooring is likely the least of your worries. Yet, if you do not install the right flooring, you will find that your new business is bleeding money in incessant repairs, ceaseless cleaning and much more since the floor will be incapable of handling the foot traffic of customers. But with the myriad options available, you should know that you cannot go wrong with commercial concrete flooring. Before you assume that this material will not be suited to your space's aesthetic, consider the following properties of concrete flooring that make it ideally suited to retail premises.

Surprisingly alluring

If your retail space is characterised by an upscale appearance featuring chic interior décor and modern statement pieces, the last thing you would want to integrate into this shop would be bland concrete. But if you think that concrete is only available in its traditional bland grey colour, you will be mistaken. Technological advancements in the concrete industry have brought about a range of finishes that work to dramatically elevate the appearance of concrete. For example, if you want a high gloss finish for your commercial flooring without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money on marble, you could choose polished concrete that has a shiny surface and high reflectivity. Alternatively, if you want your commercial flooring to add visual interest to your retail space, the variegated appearance of acid-stained concrete would be an ideal option.

Extraordinarily enduring

The second property of concrete that makes it perfectly suited to commercial flooring applications is its robust nature. While your retail shop may not be as chaotic as a manufacturing plant, the flooring will see a fair amount of heavy usage. If you rely on walk-ins for a profitable bottom line, you should install flooring that will be capable of withstanding heavy foot traffic daily. In addition to this, if you will invest in shopping trolleys, you need to make sure that your commercial flooring will not only be durable enough to accommodate the wheels but that will remain smooth so that shoppers can navigate the store effortlessly. When compared to most other flooring solutions such as carpeting or even ceramic tile, concrete's endurance is unmatched. Moreover, decorative solutions such as epoxy or polished floors will be smooth enough to ensure shoppers can push their trolleys around the store swimmingly.

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