Concrete Sealing: How to Prepare Concrete for a Coat of Sealant

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Concrete Sealing: How to Prepare Concrete for a Coat of Sealant

16 April 2021
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A concrete sealant is a liquid substance that penetrates into cracks and pores in the concrete, forming an impenetrable barrier against water penetration. It also prevents discolouration from oil or grease stains and reduces efflorescence (another type of white mineral deposit). Put simply, sealing a concrete surface will not only make it look better for longer but will also increase its lifespan considerably. However, before you apply the sealant, you will need to prepare the concrete surface. This article provides you with some top tips which will help you to clean and prepare the concrete effectively.

Safety precautions

Working in a confined area with a power washer or jet washer is always going to be a safety hazard and should always be done wearing safety equipment such as gloves, safety glasses and ear protection. The power washing probably won't damage your skin, but any hard materials like bricks, or paving stones will possibly chip if you are careless.

Power washing

Before beginning any type of concrete sealing job it's important to ensure that the initial surface prep is done correctly. The first step in this prep work involves removing all dirt, oil, grease, glue, or any other contaminants that may exist on the surface such as dust and other fine particles. The best way to do this is to use a power washer. This is important because dirt, grease, and oil build-up can make the sealant application much more difficult.


Once the power washing is complete, you can then wash down the surface using a concrete cleaner. You should use a quality cleaner that is specifically designed for concrete surfaces in order to obtain optimal results. Some cleaners are specifically designed to be used on concrete surfaces, others are not, and may even contain ingredients that could actually damage the concrete surface. When using any type of cleaner it's important to research the product online before buying it so that you can learn about the ingredients that make up the product itself. The cleaning solution will help to break down any residual oils which are still present on the surface.

Applying the sealant

Once the surface has been prepared following the steps above, you can now apply a layer of concrete sealant. Because the concrete is completely clean, you can feel confident that the sealant will adhere to and protect the surface from damage and decay.

If you do not feel confident completing this job yourself, you should contact a company that offers concrete sealing services.

For more information, contact a concrete sealing service in your area today.