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Hello, my name is Danny and this is my new blog. I live in Sydney, Australia in my dream property. When I bought this house, it wasn't my dream at all but I could see that the place had potential. When I first saw the place, I knew it had potential but it was a little small. I bought it and decided to extend the kitchen and dining room out into the yard. I am not a construction professional so I had no idea how to do this. Thankfully, my friend recommended a fantastic contractor who helped me plan the work and then completed the work in super quick time. I learnt a lot so I would like to share it here.


What to Do When You Discover Some Growing Cracks in Your Home

15 October 2018
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Have you just returned from a lengthy overseas trip to find a couple of cracks in and around your home that were not evident before? You may wonder what has caused them and, more importantly, what you should do, as this type of discovery can be most alarming. Cracks like these can certainly be a result of foundation settling, which is a natural occurrence almost everywhere, but you don't need to worry too much at the moment and should keep a watchful eye instead. Read More …

The Amazing Advantages of Employing Plaster for Pool Resurfacing

26 September 2018
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Any residence that has a swimming pool should consider pool resurfacing as part of their household maintenance. The reason for this is that the interior lining of your pool will eventually start to degrade with regular use and consistent exposure to pool chemicals. Therefore, to keep the pool appealing and to prevent injury, it is essential to have the interior resurfaced from time to time. Nonetheless, with all the resurfacing supplies available to you, not many are aware of how beneficial plaster can be for this project. Read More …

Two Benefits of Professional Electrical Installation When Remodelling an Older Home

3 August 2018
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A majority of first-time homeowners will purchase a pre-built residence rather than constructing their home from scratch. The reason behind this choice is that older homes tend to be cheaper, especially if they need to have some work done. So while you are closing your deal, you may be deliberating on which contractors to hire to help you fix up the place and make it habitable. One of the essential services you need to enlist is electrical installation. Read More …

3 Unique Pieces Of Advice For People New To The Construction Industry

5 June 2018
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As any construction project manager will tell you, no two jobs are the same, and each will come with their own challenges and hurdles. This is part of what makes the industry rewarding, as you will constantly grow as a professional and be better equipped to dealing with a whole range of new situations. This article is directed at rookies in the construction industry who are looking to make the most out of their work and advance fast. Read More …

Clearing Up Some Common Misconceptions About Asbestos

30 April 2018
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When you hear the word asbestos, you may get very nervous, as this substance is typically associated with various lung diseases, including cancer. While the substance has been outlawed for construction use in most areas for many years now, it's still good to know a bit about this material, where it might still be found and how it should be handled. Note a few misconceptions that many people have when it comes to asbestos so you can ensure you have accurate information about this material. Read More …